Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VP Thoughts from Dr. Susan Salvador, ACPA VP 2009-10

Last March I began my journey as ACPA Vice President. What I didn't know at the convention was that -- as I transitioned to VP -- I had just jumped on a fast moving, powerful, focused, multitasking train. As our president Tom Jackson says: "Weeeeee." I had to hold on so I didn't fall off.

We are involved in ACPA in a multitude of purposeful ways. I have learned of the many amazing initiatives you are committed to; as well as the events, projects, and new initiatives that need my attention.

I have met new colleagues and rekindled relationships with colleagues who I have known for years -- all focused on our students and the profession.

I am professionally and personally enjoying 'the ride' and greatly look forward to being President.

Susan Salvador
ACPA Vice President (President 2010-11)