Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome from the ACPA-VP -- Tom Jackson, Jr.

Humbled. Honored. Privileged. These are words that describe my thoughts as I reflect upon the enormous opportunity to serve as ACPA's Vice President. Wow. I truly am honored to have been elected and to serve this profession in such a meaningful and very important way. Just yesterday I was visiting several web pages on the ACPA website and stumbled upon the long list of former presidents. To think my name will be among them later is not only a scary thought but a humbling thought.

Welcome to my blog. Why a blog? As I sat and listened to the many ACPA leaders discuss topics of interest to them during a recent Assembly meeting, the thought hit me - I should have a blog so all members of ACPA could share in this experience. Understanding that process, transparency, integrity, and opportunity are all values or attributes of our association, it just seemed fitting that a blog by the VP, and later President, could possibly bridge my role as your VP to the work you are doing every day on your campus. In one session I joked about using the web and having a webcast. The group became excited about the thought. That was not my intention at the time but it spoke to how important technology is to the membership. This is one way, one small way, that I can try and stay very connected to the entire membership using a "technology" that is very common to our practitioners.

In this blog it is my hope that I will share my thoughts about events, initiatives or programs I may be attending or considering; and even share my calendar so members can identify opportunities to meet with me when I may be in their area. This is something I am very open to and have the full support to do from my university and employer - University of Louisville.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts directly, or to comment on any of my posts. I look forward to serving the Association and our Profession.

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