Sunday, November 16, 2008

Minnesota - Returning Home
by Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr., ACPA Vice President 2008-09

It has been amazing. I graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University in 1985 and returned for the first time in 2007. Then less than a year later I returned to speak. Then one more great chance to return to Minnesota - the Minnesota College Personnel Association conference. Three times in one year after nearly 23 years absent. What a fantastic state and even more wonderful people.

While in Minnesota I was reminded of how caring and open the people were in that state. I also observed how progressive Minneapolis was as a major city and how strong the MCPA, as an organization, really is today.

The MCPA conference had representatives from all levels within the profession - faculty, newer professionals, middles, and seniors. The conference had nearly 60% of its attendees also ACPA members! The members were also engaging, interested in ACPA, and fun.

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