Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting to Know Tom - Q&A by ACPA
by Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr., ACPA Vice President 2008-09

Last week I had the opportunity to work with Stanton Cheah in the ACPA International Office. Our task this time was to begin my transition from ACPA Vice President to ACPA President. Part of that process includes doing our annual Question & Answer discussion, which gets published on the ACPA web page. Well, it is done.

Stanton asked me several questions and my short version responses are published online at www.myacpa.org/au/governance/jackson.cfm . As your time permits, please take a moment and read my responses. I would welcome your feedback -- email me what you think at tom.jackson@louisville.edu.

Now, in case you are wondering what was edited out simply read my next post. In the next post I will reveal several "Presidential Initiatives" that we will embark upon over the next few years as we progress toward becoming a global association. I will speak on some of these during my brief remarks following the the gavel passing at the Tuesday ACPA business meeting.

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