Monday, April 20, 2009

So What Does Tom and the Executive Director Really Talk About?
by Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr., ACPA President 2009-10

I have never been all that interested in the actual inner-workings of ACPA until I was actually "elected" as VP and knew I had to become a quick study. Do not get me wrong - I always knew things and took an interest in some items more than others, but the actual inner-workings; well, I just didn't need to know it all as a volunteer for what I was doing. Just like on our campuses, there is simply more happening than one truly needs to know. And, quite frankly, knowing more on campus hasn't particularly made me a better VPSA at times. As a VPSA I could never know everything, I just need to know you might know what I need to know at this particular moment. Is any of this making any sense?

As your President I get information from way too many places. Sometimes some of it makes sense. Many times I can be just as confused as other leaders. Most times I am interested and sometimes I simply know that this piece of information, while VERY important to someone, is not something I need to know at this particular moment. An example is often when something gets to me too soon, or it is something that really requires a decision by someone else in the leadership - a chair, state president, someone other than me. It may also be an item that needs Assembly discussion before Governing Board discussion -- stuff like that. It really isn't too different than what we deal with on campus.

Having said all of this, I acknowledge that my need to know may be lower than your need to tell me. So I am telling you things assuming your need to know may be greater than it needs to be. Smile. This is all good.

So when the ACPA President meets with the ACPA Executive Director, what do they talk about? We talk about many things - things often from our lists of action or discussion items we accumulate over the weeks. This isn't too different than your standard 1:1 you have with your staff or supervisor.

Some topics from my list are below. Please try not to "read into" the topics and please know I won't do this every week. Somethings are simply what they are - nothing more or nothing less. I share them with you and if you have any comment or are more curious about any of them - email me. Take care. Weeeeee!

1. Affiliations with other associations
2. International and Cultural Tour agendas
3. Placement
4. Corporate relations.
5. Upcoming Governing Board meetings.
6. Budget
7. Foundation
8. Association Committees

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