Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts about Louisville

It’s hard to believe that in just 3 weeks we’ll be in Louisville, and ACPA’s 88th annual convention will be in full swing! The planning team has done an outstanding job putting together a convention that will be energizing, inspiring, thought-provoking and renewing to help us think about how we create possibilities for our students.

It’s also impossible to think this morning about visiting Louisville and not be mindful of the devastating tornadoes that just hit communities in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina. I know that we are all holding those communities in our thoughts and hearts, and many of us have already found ways to support the relief efforts that are underway. ACPA will be partnering with agencies in Kentucky to support those efforts, and will have opportunities during the convention for those who wish to make contributions. We’ll be sharing more information on our website as details become available.

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