Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Groundbreaking Speaker for a Groundbreaking Convention

By now you know the ACPA and NIRSA 2013 Convention Teams announced our keynote speaker for our groundbreaking co-located convention in Las Vegas last week.  We are honored and excited to have Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry open our annual convention. 

Let me tell you why we chose this thoughtful leader to speak to you.

ACPA always looks for someone who is “on the rise” to address our members.  Remember Cory Booker?  Van Jones?  These folks are now household names and you saw them first at ACPA.  Melissa Harris-Perry is someone who is on this rise, with her own Saturday morning show on MSNBC and the guest host spot on The Rachel Maddow Show, we are certain to hear more from her in the future.  Why bring someone who is a known quantity with a speech given in hundreds of other places?  That’s not special and it’s boring, in my opinion.

Dr. Harris-Perry, also a faculty member at Tulane University, brings the substance to the opening session that ACPA has long been known for delivering and that our members crave.  Her words will challenge your mind and expand your heart….and move you to action on your campus and in your life.

Finally, and most importantly, Melissa Harris-Perry speaks to the values we hold as an association and a profession.  Her work is all about intersectionality and how we can hold multiple identities and truths at the same time.   Like ACPA, she is a champion for the marginalized.

Your can explore more about Melissa Harris-Perry at http://melissaharrisperry.com/

Make your plans now to be with us in Las Vegas, Nevada – March 4-7, 2013.  You don’t want to miss this!

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