Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Career in Boxes

I’m sitting here looking at bare walls and empty bookcases.

Fifteen years worth of student affairs “stuff” is now packed and ready to go as I transition to a new position.    It only took the moving company an hour to pack up what it took me a decade and a half to amass.

I always knew this day would come, but at the same time never thought it would be here.  I am one of those folks who have been fortunate enough to have a great run at a greater university.  I have met amazing people, worked with great colleagues and built relationships with students who have become alumni and friends. 

It’s exciting to go, but I can’t help but have a very heavy heart today. 

I will miss the people that invested in me.  The colleagues who challenged me to be better, the supervisors who guided me, and those who laughed with me in difficult times.  I will even miss the people who I had disagreements with…and there are a few.

Leaving is not so much about stepping away, but taking all that I have learned and carrying it forward.    It is about carrying the spirit of these people that have meant, and still will mean so much to me, with me as I move on.

I have tried to make sure they know how wonderful I think they are and how proud I have been to be their colleague over the years. 

No matter where you are in your career on your campus, I encourage you to make sure your colleagues and students know how valuable they are to you.  We are in the people business, and these are our people.  And they deserve to know.

Still looking at those walls and bookcases, but now I see much, much more.

 Dr. Keith Humphrey
ACPA President, 2012-2013

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