Friday, March 1, 2013

Moving on, Moving forward

I’m packing my suitcases to head to the ACPA Annual Convention in Las Vegas.  I’m a bit misty because when I return home after the convention, I will no longer be ACPA President.   While I am excited to be able to devote more time to my family and campus responsibilities, I will miss much about serving the profession and association that I love.

Fortunately, I have learned much in my Presidential year that will carry me forward.

I know how much people around the world – from California to China; to Canada and Jamaica – value ACPA and need what it has to offer them as professionals and their students.

I know that ACPA members value collaboration – at all levels – since opening ourselves up to partnerships with others helps us help our students.  Stand alone individualism does not work in today’s society; just look at Congress.

I know that our profession’s future is bright and that ACPA has the innovative ideas found no place else to equip student affairs and higher education leaders to advance their careers and success of their students.

Finally, I know that my contributions don’t need to stop just because I leave office.  I know I still have much to give, and will find ways to continue offer leadership to the profession.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.  It has been one of the highest honors I know I will have throughout my career.

Keith Humphrey
ACPA President, 2012-2013

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