Monday, April 22, 2013

Springtime in Delaware

Spring has sprung in Delaware, USA.  I realize some of you may not be in a part of the world that experiences a spring season like we have here in the Mid-Atlantic United States, and I am sorry.  The beauty of the trees, literally dripping with flowers, is always a breathtaking site. On my campus, the University of Delaware, spring (April and May) also corresponds with the ending of another academic year, which we celebrate with Commencement.  It is an ending celebrated with an event that means “the beginning.”  So the symbolic rebirth that spring brings corresponds nicely with our collegiate “beginning” as we send our graduates off to begin the rest of their lives – be that careers, graduate programs, world travel, etc. Often it is sad to see many of them leave but it is a sweet sadness, knowing that we have played a role in their accomplishments and hopefully made their path at the University a bit more engaging, educational, inspiring, and at the right times, a bit smoother.

As I watch our graduates head off to what is next for them, spring inspires me to think about what’s next for me.  The coming academic year is within sight and I begin planning both personally and professionally.  Of course, ACPA plays a big part in that.  We know from our membership survey that most members highly value the professional development opportunities offered by ACPA.  As an Association we work hard to make these opportunities diverse, affordable, accessible, and relevant.  Most are directly related to the professional competencies and are planned by experts in our field who are committed to engaging experiences that allow participants to both learn and network with other colleagues.

I hope you will take some time to visit the ACPA calendar of events, and consider how we might help you enhance your April, May or June. 

Dr. Kathleen G. Kerr

ACPA President

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